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Roborock S5 Max and Viomi V2 Pro are the 2 new robot vacuums released in the market that look promising in terms of pricing and features. Both devices have great features such as strong suction, wet mopping, lidar-based smart navigation, app control which allows them to set restricted areas and perform zoned cleaning. Even though both of them serve the same purpose of cleaning the floor but they may have pros and cons and other features that may differentiate from each of them.

Vacuum and Mopping (2-in-1)

Both vacuums suit a variety of floors, mainly hardwood, as it utilizes negligible humidity during its cleaning, in this way protecting the floors from any water harm. It cleans carefully, using its water tank and a microfiber fabric to wipe the floors after vacuuming, leaving no stains or dirt behind.

They are extraordinary for low-heap to high-heap floor coverings, which is incredible for cover proprietors. Combined with their automatic brush roll and high suction control, they tend to clean up the heavy and long-left mess with minimal efforts.

Navigation Technology

Both Viomi V2 Pro and Roborock S5 Max are equipped with the Laser Direct Sensor (LDS) which can scan the rooms at 360 degrees and make a room mapping using the SLAM technology.

SLAM Technology is the thing that stops the vacuums from hitting into specific objects and giving the option to move around your home efficiently and systematically, which is then matched with Laser Distance Sensors that are powerful for its zone cleaning purposes. It utilizes 13 unique sensors that send undetectable pillars to the dividers to prevent the models from missing out the corners.

Suction Power

Viomi V2 Pro has a slight edge over its competitor here.

It is equipped with a brushless engine and a 2150 Pa ground-breaking suction while S5 Max is furnished with a 2000 Pa suction control, which can retain floor residue and suck up large particles, for example, rice grains, soybeans, and steel balls.

Both vacuums are able to cross barriers up to 2 cm. The variable-speed side brush is flexible in application, as it altogether cleans corners and leaves only a clean floor behind. Most extreme suction control, 2150 Pa banishes dust, flotsam and jetsam, rice, pieces, and even steel balls.

Zone Cleaning

Zone cleaning is the latest features in robot vacuums that enables you to set up perimeter or zones for the robot vacuum to clean. Both Viomi V2 Pro and Roborock S5 Max has this feature.

One thing to note is that the S5 Max comes with Target Clean feature, it enables the user to tap a particular spot on their cell phone on the app, and the robot will go to that spot and clean it for them. This is helpful when you accidentally spill your drinks or snacks, and you can set the S5 Max to clean that specific area.

This Target Clean feature is identical to iRobot's "Spot Clean" feature.

Dust Bin Box Capacity

Here the Viomi V2 Pro gains the upper hand again in this category as it equipped with a 550ml dust box and 550ml of water tank capacity while the Roborock S5 Max comes equipped with a 460ml dust box and 290ml of water tank capacity. The bigger dust box in V2 Pro is better for pet owners as it often takes up most of the space when cleaning it up and a big water tank that allows covering more areas without the need of refilling it with water in the middle of the cleaning cycle.

Battery Life

The Roborock S5 Max has a higher battery capacity compared to Viomi V2 Pro at 5200mAh and 3200mAh respectively. This translates to around 150mins of cleaning time for the Roborock S5 Max and 120mins for the Viomi V2 Pro. Even though it seems that the Viomi V2 Pro has a lower battery capacity, from our test, both robots are able to clean our house perfectly.

If you live in a very big house, there is nothing to worry, as both robots has "Recharge & Resume" feature. What this means that if the robot detects that it is unable to clean the entire floor in 1 cycle, the robot will return to the charging base to recharge, once it has sufficient battery level to clean the remaining area, it will resume its work. Amazing isn't it?

Noise Level

On product specifications, it is stated that the Roborock S5 Max has a noise level of 60db while the Viomi V2 Pro has a noise level of 68db.

Given the difference of 8db, I would say the difference is pretty much negligible.

Mopping Performance

The Viomi V2 Pro will definitely outshine the Roborock S5 Max in this mopping category.

Out of the box, the Viomi V2 Pro comes with 3 different dust box;

On the other hand, the Roborock S5 Max comes with only 1 default dust box and a water tank reservoir that has to be attached all the time.

Between these 2 models, V2 Pro excelled in the mopping category than S5 Max. Why do I say so? That is because in Wet Mopping mode, the Viomi V2 Pro moves in a Y-shape path that mimics the floor scrubbing action. It goes over each area back and forth. The Roborock S5 Max on the other hands mops the floor in a single pass ie: it moves in a single straight line (dragging the mopping cloth around only). This means that the Viomi V2 Pro goes over the same spots at least twice and if you spray down dirty areas and give it a few minutes to soften the dirty, it will be almost enough to really clean the floor.

Both vacuum includes 2 types of mopping cloths, one for light mopping and another for heavy mopping. Also, there are 3 mopping modes in the app, you can adjust the level of water leaking depending on your needs and size of your house. When the unit is not moving, the water does not leak.


Currently the Viomi V2 Pro price is RM1549 while the Roborock S5 Max is RM1599.


Which should I choose? Should I be concern if I choose Viomi?

To be honest, both models can perform an excellent job in cleaning the floor, although Viomi V2 Pro has a slight upper hand in the mopping category.

If Viomi is a new unknown brand, I would be concern about it, but seeing that it's also part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, I would be pretty confident regarding the quality and performance of the Viomi brand.

As most of you are looking for true robot vacuum with mopping feature, why not give Viomi V2 Pro a try?

Both Roborock and Viomi are child brands of Xiaomi Corporation.
They both share similar features, parts, and technology. The only difference is that Roborock is a more well known brand in the market but things are definitely changing soon as Viomi Inc has been listed in the US Stock Exchange (NASDAQ: VIOT) and receiving fundings from investor.

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